Seamless Yoga Set

Seamless Yoga Set: Comfortable and Customizable Workout Apparel

Kingben, a Chinese manufacturing factory for Seamless Yoga Sets, boasts a 5000 square meter facility with over 200 workers and a team of more than 10 designers. With 10 seamless sewing machines, Kingben offers various services to a wide range of readers, including clothing wholesalers, sportswear brand owners, local fashion retail stores, and international fashion giants.

Direct Factory Delivery at Competitive Prices

Kingben’s seamless yoga sets are directly shipped from the factory to the customer, allowing for competitive pricing that undercuts traditional retail stores. This method of delivery ensures that the middleman is eliminated, providing customers with the best possible price for quality products.

Customizable Fabric, Color, Style, and Size

Kingben’s Seamless Yoga Sets are available in a range of customizable options, including fabric, color, style, and size. Customers can select from various fabric options, including bamboo, cotton, or spandex. Kingben’s color choices are diverse, with over 30 colors to choose from. The style of the seamless yoga set is also customizable, from a crop top and leggings to shorts and a tank top. Finally, Kingben’s seamless yoga sets come in various sizes, ensuring that customers find the perfect fit.

Design Assistance from Kingben’s Designer Team

Kingben’s Designer Team includes more than 10 experienced designers who specialize in sportswear. Customers can access their services to develop unique designs that fit their brand’s identity or personal style. The Designer Team can help customers choose fabric, develop patterns, and create customized logos.

Quality Assurance with ISO Certifications

Kingben’s facility has passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification, ensuring that all products are manufactured with the highest quality and safety standards. Customers can be confident that they are receiving quality products when purchasing from Kingben.

Full-Service Sales Support

Kingben’s sales team provides a full range of pre-sales and after-sales support, ensuring a smooth purchasing process. They can assist with product selection, customization options, and shipping arrangements. Additionally, Kingben offers tracking services for customer orders to ensure they arrive on time.


Kingben offers a wide range of customizable Seamless Yoga Sets at competitive prices. Customers can enjoy quality products from a reliable factory with ISO certifications and full-service sales support. With a team of experienced designers, Kingben can also help customers create unique designs that align with their brand’s identity or personal style.

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